14 March 2015

High end and some affordable beauty Haul

The one and only haul,  where my wallet is crying but ..oh well. 
Did you notice, that ironically we all tend to run out of our shampoo, conditioner, skincare *you name it * products all at the same time, so a re-purchase of those products is just necesarry? Well this is exactly what happened.
I finished up many basics in the month of February so orders had to be made.Almost everything I feature here is replacing a product I finised up, so lets see:

     Redken Hair cleansing cream shampoo:I already used it and it is a good cleansing shampoo.The hair really feels clean and refreshed after you washed it. This type of cleansing shampoo helps you get rid of all that build up on your hair from hairsprays, styling products, dry shampoos, etc.
     Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing hair oil: reading all the rave reviews about this oil made me really curious so with the Net-a-porter free shipping offer I just had to buy this.The scent is pleasent and I quite like it so far.I will review this product in depth after I used it a month or so, so keep on eye on that post if you are interested.
     Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate: a cult favorite for so many of you, so I have high hopes for this one. My skin really needs some TLC right now so I cannot wait to start using it.
     Bare Minerals Well Rested Powder Concealer with Spf 20: I feel like I need to amp up my concealer game, so this seemed the perfect product for that. I already tried it and I really like it so far.
     Tom Ford Santal Blush: this smells heavenly. If you haven't smelled it please do it the next time you have the chance. I could take a bath in this seriously, this smells so darn good. It is sensual, luxurious, oriental, feminine, it makes you feel like you RULE the world.At least it makes me feel like that.

Now on to some more affordable purchases:
     Pantene oil therapy conditioner: I opted for this because it is affordable and I heard good things about it.I don't spend my money on conditioners, as I beleive any conditioner will do the job.
     Maybelline Instant Anti Age the Eraser the shade Light: awesome concealer, highly recommend it. Everybody raves about it and with a good reason.

     Next week I am planning to do a concealer routine featuring the Maybelline and the Bare Minerals products and a mini review of them along with some other products I am using.If you want to know my thoughts on them check back next week on Saturday.

Have an awesome Weekend!
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