08 January 2017

Current beauty must haves:Tom Ford, Chanel, Dior

It has been a while since I last posted, but that just means I have tons of beauty items purchased during this period, and I will blog about them for sure because they are my absolute favorites.

I have been having these products on my wishlist for the longest but now finally I have them.Some were Christmas gifts some were purchased by me, and all I can say is that they just make me feel better, prettier and happier.I sound like a true beauty addict now, but if you are like me then you understand my excitement.

21 October 2016

Pai Skincare:Perfect Balance Blemish Serum with Copaiba&Zinc

All my teenage and adult life I had acne, it wasn't as bad but I always had the monthly breakouts I had to fight with, or the ones caused by stress or food like milk, honey and chocolate.

15 October 2016

Bits from Chanel Beauty

I wish I would say I got a Chanel handbag, but I stick to Chanel makeup for now.That is almost equally as satisfying..almost..although buying a whole collection from Chanel makeup can be as expensive as half of a bag if I think about it.

08 October 2016

New in:Skincare,Makeup and body basics| Chanel, Pai Skincare, L'oreal

Long time no blogpost, but I would explain that by saying I was uninspired with everything that has to do with beauty, my life was hectic and I felt that a day consists of just 10hours instead of 24 so weeks went by without me writing any word around here.This happens to everybody once in a while but now I have a haul for you, a bit of skincare,makeup and just all around basics.

10 September 2016

Estelle &Thild Biodefense Multi-Nutrient Youth Oil First Impressions

     I have the impression that I finish up my face oils way faster than any other skincare product. I am not sure why but I constantly find myself needing to buy another one. Sometimes quite hard to choose which one, because there are so many products on the market, with some really good marketing strategy trying to sell you their product as the best one, and also my skin is changing so I don't really know what skin problem to target.