29 July 2016

Current Beauty Wishlist: OUAI Hair Care, Chanel Skin Care, Tom Ford, By Terry

I always add or take new products from my wishlist, there are several products on my radar all the time.Sometimes I do end up buying them, sometimes I forget about them, because either I find something better, either they don't seem that much interesting or special anymore.This time though I have brands on my list, brands who's overall collection I find really outstanding and different from the other similar brands.

These are mostly brands I didn't try out before, or tried just a few products from them.

OUAI Hair care

Serious buzz around this brand. I totally understand the hype when a product promisses to have  gorgeous hair like the Kardashians do. This is sort of a life goal for anybody I believe.I am especially curious about the Texturizing Spray, Clean Shampoo and the Wave Spray.Any taughts or experiences?

By Terry

 I already own a couple of By Terry products but I am getting more and more interested in some other ones such as the Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serums, in the shades 3 Apricot Glow and 2 Rose Elixir. The Cellularose Blush Glace in Nr 4 Ice Dream looks really darn beautiful aswell.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford products are so expensive, therefore I never bought anything from the brand because I wasn't convinced that it worth's the money. But now I am in that phase where I say I rather have two really good products of a kind, then 4 or 5. The products on my wishlist are the Traceless Perfecting Foundation and I am also eyeing the Shade and Illuminate Duo. These two would make the perfect canvas for my face.

Chanel Skin Care 

A couple of days ago I was looking at the Chanel skin care range and a couple of products really caught my eye. I am really interested in buying the Chanel Hydra Beauty Lotion Very Moist and maybe the La Solution 10 de Chanel face cream. Both of them promise moisturized, radiant looking skin, that is protected against environmental aggressors, pollution, stress and climatic conditions.

These are the brands and their products I am particularly interested in at the moment. Time will tell what I will buy and what I won't out of the above mentioned beauty products.