16 November 2014

Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette

I am not going or trying to review the features of this pochette or give a depth review about its details. I am sure there are tons of people who are better describing designer pieces, so I leave it to them. But I am going to share my thoughts and the practicality of this wonderful little pochette.
Just by looking at this pochette you can tell that its quality is amazing. The chain looks and feels soo luxurious and nice. Though this is canvas and lot leather you can still feel the durability.
In my opinion this mini pochette is fantastic. It is mini but it fits quite a lot, it fits at least all the essencials you could possibly need when going out for a lunch, club, or just out and about in the city. Here is what I can fit in mine:


You can see that it fits my phone, a lipstick/ lipgloss, a pack of gums, a card holder with some cash
and basic cards in it like my ID, drivers liscence, some other cards, a pen and a comb. And I still have some space left for something to add if I want to. I don't carry my keys in this because I have some keychains attached to it so it won't fit, but if you just carry the key itself then you have space for that aswell.

Here is with the zip closed, with all the items above inside it. You can see that it is not streched out at all. It still retains its shape.

"What can I fit in it?" was my mane consern when I was debating to purchase this pochette or not.
I wanted something that can replace my everyday "big" bag, but something where I can fit all that is important, and looks classy and and chic.

This pochette would be perfect as a present for someone you love or for youself, or as a first item from Louis Vuitton. But be prepared to get obsessed with these luxury goods..

Do you own this pochette?What are your thoughts on it?

Have a nice and lovely Sunday!