08 October 2016

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Long time no blogpost, but I would explain that by saying I was uninspired with everything that has to do with beauty, my life was hectic and I felt that a day consists of just 10hours instead of 24 so weeks went by without me writing any word around here.This happens to everybody once in a while but now I have a haul for you, a bit of skincare,makeup and just all around basics.
Lets start with the product I got the longest time ago:Pai Perfect Balance Blemish Serum with Copaiba and Zinc: I have been using this for about two weeks now and it made my sensitive, acne prone skin feeling quite comfortable and balanced.This is said to help with oiliness and it truly does.Infact it quite dries up the areas which are normal, so I tend to use it more on my T-zone and promblematic areas like chin and a little bit on my cheeks.

L'oreal mascaras were not on my radar for quite a few years, I tried a couple of them and they were all just basic mascaras to me but recently people were raving about two particular ones, more specifically the Volume Million Lashes in So Couture, so I got it myself and I lovee it.It makes my lashes long and full of volume.I do have a hard time to take it off though,the Oskia Reinessance Cleansing gel does not work its magic with this one.

Some random makeup purchases like the Duo eyelash adhesive and Kiss fake lashes in Ritzy had to be made because:I needed a new eyelash glue, and because I can't find the Ardell Demi Whispies in stock and these Ritzy lashes from Kiss seem to be the perfect dupe for it.

Palmer's came out with silicone, paraben and sulfate free body products, idea which I really like so I purchased one of their body moisturizers with Raw Shea Butter.It smells amazing, warm and cozy just what I need in the cold weather period.

Vaseline is again one of the most basic drugstore products but it is so handy.I use it on my lips or everywhere where I have dry patches to calm my skin down.

I saved the best and most exciting products at the end: some sneeky purchase from Chanel is one of their Rouge Coco Stylo lipshines in the shade 216 Lettre.It's been a while since I owned a Chanel lipstick, but this purchase had to be made.I would describe it as a rosy nude shade, really flattering on the lips, hydrating, comfortable and the twist up mechanism is really convenient and easy to use.Thin packaging perfect to carry it around in your handbag.Full blogpost on it?It will be up in the next few days so keep an eye around here.

I was always eyeing the Chanel Illusion D'ombre cream eyeshadows and although I really liked them, they were too shimmery, therefore more suitable for a nighttime look, at least in my opinion, so I actually never bought them. But I was at a Chanel counter the other day and I swached them all again and I saw a color I never noticed before in 118 Moonlight Pink, a rosy brown/beige almost, matte but with subtle very tiny shimmer particles, such classic color that will be perfect for daytime, just as a sigle wash of color.The brownish beige tone makes it a quite fall appropriate, also the pink and the subtle shimmer particles make this eyeshadow unique and different from the others I have seen so far.I think this is/was a limited edition because this was the only counter that had this color available.

I also picked up a couple of warm and cozy clothing items, anyone interested in it?

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