08 June 2015

Top 10 Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer is the season when some products become 'can't live without ones' because you just need them to survive the warm weather, or to look and feel fabulous all the time.
These 10 products are my favorite and deserve a place in the top essentials when it comes to surviving the summer heat.

These first 5 products are mostly makeup related, and they are the basics when it comes to my daily routine:

The SPF that I use for the third summer now is the La Roche Posay Anthelios AC SPF 30 UVB and UVA. Perfect for oily and acne prone skin, this  spf lotion is the best I tried so far.In the summer time face primer is a must for me, and there is one affordable that I really like, that is the Max Factor FaceFinity primer. To be honest I use this even if I don't wear foundation, just because I feel that it helps to keep my skin oil free during the day, plus it helps to blurr out the imperfections I might have.
Second on my list is the Becca Bronzing Skin Perfector, which is the perfect product to mix in with your foundation.I use it with all my foundations, and it just gives  healthy looking sunkissed glow to your face. The skin looks perfected and radiant.
There is nothing I love more in the summer than to bronze up my face. Bronzers every day all day all my choice when choosing the cheek color. I just love a good Bronze Godess look. Thie Le Metier De Beaute  bronzer in Maldives Magic looks quite dark but it will match my skintone during summer time. Lastly summer is all about a bright lip color and my favorite lately is the Ghivenchy Rose Dressing. This is a pinky coral lipstick that looks fenomenal with a tan.

     Now onto some other random essentials:

The first essential is good summery scent that will throw you back to the memories you make this summer.The one I use currently is from Aqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile. I am more into the oriental, deep, kind of misterious perfume scents, but in the summertime it doesn't really suite to wear these scents so this perfume is the perfect to change things up a little bit. It is definitely misterious because of the arabian jasmine, but quite fresh and summery, with a hint of lemon, bergamot, and magnolia notes.
The Caudalie Beauty Elixir was featured already in a couple of posts and here it is again.The 30 ml bottle is perfect to carry in your handbag and use it to refreshen your makeup, face, body...The scent is lovely, quite sweet but minty. Body wise in the summer time I like to use oils, I like the hydration they give and how soft and silky they make my skin. One that I love not just for its scent but because it is multiusage is the Nuxe Multi Purpose Dry Oil. Not a cheap product, but if you fancy something luxurious this is one to try out. Changing up the nail color is definitely a summer must aswel, you want to wear lighter/brighter /more fun colors. One that I really like now is a pastel lilac from Essie,
in the  Bond with whomever color.

Last but not least my 10th essential product for summer is dry shampoo.(not featured in the picture, because I have to get my hands on a new one) You just need it, everybody on this planet needs it. Who has time to wash their hair every day, or every other day?! Greasy hair is a no-no for all year round but especially for summer. The Batiste dry shampoos are the best ones out there, and they are cheap aswell.

What are your summer beauty essentials?