22 May 2015

MAC Palettes Haul | Warm Neutral and Burgundy Times Nine

I would like you to feel my excitement that I felt when I received these palettes * and I am talking about the Mac Warm Neutral x 15 eyeshadow palette and the Burgundy x 9 eyeshadow palette . I was eyeing them for a while now and decided to finally make the purchase.
These two palettes were the ones that caught my eye, don't get me wrong, all of the palettes are amazing and I would like to own them all but for now I am happy with these two. You can imagine I immediately tried them so here are my first impressions:

Warm Neutral x 15 palette:
I LOVE ME some neutral, warm toned eyeshadows so this was the perfect choice for me out of the two 15 pan eyeshadow palettes. From light colors to dark ones, creamy light shades to darker deeper ones these are perfect for every eye color  no matter if brown, blue or green. The formula of the shadows is buttery,and they blend oh-so easily. I like the fact that this palette contains matte, satin and shimmery shades aswell.You have some highlighting colors, transition colors and more deeper colors to create a smokey eye. For sure I will use this tons of times.
Colors L-R:Hey/ Warm Breeze/ Gingersnap/ Dark Brew/ Dance in the dark
                   Brule/ Vanilla Extract / Honey Lust / Amber Lights / Saddle
                          Lemon Tart/ Creative Copper / Butterfudge/ Divine Decadence/ Unwind

Burgundy x 9:
This palette, as the name suggest contains  9 different shades of burgundy. I really like the way burgundy type of colors look on me, and compliment my brown eyes. The only downside of this palette is that it doesn't really contain any highlighting shade, which is a bummer because it meens you have to use sepparately another shadow to create a whole look. Non the less, I love this palette, I
am happy I got it and I would recommend it.
Colors L-R: Honey Lust/ Poppyseed/ Quarry
          Antiqued / Embark/ Noir
            Haux/ Star Violet/ Sketch

What do you think of these palettes?Do you have them on your wishlist? You should!