12 March 2016

Fitness routine and diet update Lifestyle#2

Since the last post I made some changes mostly in my diet, not so much in my workout routine.I feel happy and content with the changes that I made and I wanted to share it with you all:

Regarding my diet I made a huge change about month ago: I stopped eating meat. This wasn't a planned diet change or a decision made to help me loose weight, or because of health issues.It was because my body simply stopped craving meat. I noticed this several times before, sometimes days went by without me eating meat, so I guess I had the inclination to finally make this change.  I plan to stick with this lifestyle for as long as my body wants me to do it. I still love meat and in the future if I decide to eat meat again, most probably I will, but for now I only see good changes in my body and I like the way it makes my body feel, and I like that now I am leaning towards more healthier food options that include more vegetables and fruits.
Fish and seafood is still on my menu, also, I do still eat once or maximum twice a week eggs, or I do drink my coffee with milk, and have a joghurt for breakfast, but I am comfortable with that because I am lucky to know the place where these ingredients come from and I know they are organic and the animals are well treated, have a happy and relaxed life.

Workout: For weeks I wasn't able to work out because of some health issues, but I am so happy now that I can finally get back to the training routine I had in the past. I basically work out 3-4 times a week. I do mostly aerobics, and excercises for toning the body. When the weather becomes warmer I want to incorporate running into my routine at least once a week.

The area I like working on mostly is my abs, bum and thigh area , so the excercises I do mainly target these areas.  I have a body shape,  that allows me to neglect parts of my body like my arms, and shoulders, so I just incorporate  excercises that target these areas into my warm up.

I really like to see my body changing and shaping itself into a toned and fit body. I am kind of addicted to that. And I am also addicted to the feeling I get after a good workout. I feel more relaxed and energized.

Are you interested in lifestyle and healthy living?