09 November 2014

5 Minutes Makeup recipe

Makeup recipe for those days when we are in a  hurry,or when we are feeling a little too lazy to take those extra steps and make a whole glammed up look.

My recipe for these kind of days looks like this: apply foundation all over the face, or onto the areas where you need it. Use a brush or just your fingers, whatever your preferred method is. Then set it with your favorite powder( this is an optional step, but one that is a must for oily skin girls). Then use a blush that will give you that healthy looking cheek color. I used a cream blush, but a powder one will work just as well.
Now onto the eyes: just a simple one colored eye look using a cream shadow. I opted for cream products only because of their practicality to be used with fingers. Apply mascara to your lashes..one or two coats as you prefer.
Use an eyebrow pencil on your eyebrows, then finally a lipgloss or lipstick of your choice.

Here is my products of choice to create this look: Armani Lasting silk foundation in #5, Burjois Healthy balance powder because I have to set my T zone, Rose petal cream blush from Nyx, Clinique quick eyes cream eyeshadow in Cocoa shimmer #2, Rimmel Kate mascara, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Soft brown. On the lips: Burberry Lip Glow in Nude Rose.

Quite simple makeup recipe, with just a few products. These steps won't require more than  5 minutes.

PS. You will notice that I haven't mentioned using a concealer, that is because I used my foundation in place of a concealer. I don't have big  problems with dark circles so on my lazy days or whenever I am in a rush I just apply a second layer of foundation to those areas where I need a little bit more coverage, or under my eyes.

Hope you had a great weekend! Another week is ahead of us! Have a great one and enjoy!