19 November 2014


I started using Biotin two years ago. (By using I mean that once a year I buy a jar that contains 90caps that is enough for 3 months, 1 cap per day is enough) I heard many people saying that this will help your hair grow faster and longer, it will help your nails be stronger aswell and help your skin be nicer. I heard that it even helps with eczema ( which I do have). So of course, when something promisses longer,  healthier hair, fuller eyelashes and eyebrows,  stronger nails, for a beauty addict is a must to try out.

After the first two weeks, I already noticed my hair is shinier and overall healthier looking. I noticed a lot of tiny hair growing. In therms of helping it grow faster I didn't notice any major difference, but it did help with the fullness of my hair. So I kept on using it just to see if it makes any difference after taking them all.
After those 3 months of taking Biotin, besides my hair getting fuller, I  didn't experienced anything major that I would call "amazing". I do think when they say that everyvody has a maximum of hairlenght, and when that lenght is reached the hair just stops growing. It seems like my maximum lenght is just above my shoulders with aprox 20 cm. I can do anything that I want, it just won't grow longer than that. But I like that it made my hair shinier, fuller and stronger, but not longer.
I didn't noticed any improvement with the eczema, neither with my nails, eyelashes or eyebrows.

Of course, this is my personal experience, everybody is different and their body will act differently. I read some great reviews about these,  other peoples thoughts and experiences, those reviews made me want to try these.  So I would recommend to get these and see if it works for you. Maybe it will be the answer you have been looking for to have amazing hair and nails.

Have you been taking Biotin? I am curious about your jurney with it! Feel free to share your thoughts!