05 November 2014

Did you know? Most helpful Beauty Tips

These beauty tips will come in handy when you least expect it, so take a pen and paper and make some notes. I have already shared a couple of these tips previously, but now I gathered them together and decided to make a separate post about them. For days I have been thinking of all the tricks and tips I tried myself and think they worth mentioning:

1. Heat up your eyelash curler with a hairdryer and then curl your lashes! Your lashes will be more curled, and they will stay curled for a longer time. Be carefull, a couple of second is enough to heat up the curlers, otherwise you could end up burning yourself.
2. You thought your mascara dried up?! Put two drops of eyedrops into the mascara tube.You will have mascara to be used for at least one more week. You can also put the mascara under hot water, this way the mascara will melt in the tube, and it will be good to use again.
3. There are some beauty products that should be kept in the fridge! Do you know which one are they? I have a blogpost on it right here.Read the post
4. Face oil should be used with water/ thermal water. This way the oils will penetrate the skin better, oils used with water have a much more hydrating benefit.
5. Put perfume on your hair aswell. Hair tends to keep the smell of the perfume for much longer.
6. Add a couple of drops of nailpolish remover to the actual nail polish. It will liquify it again, and you can still use your favorite nailvarnish. No need to repurchase it immediately.
7. When blowdrying your hair, make sure that at the end of the blowdry, you switch on to the cold setting aswell, this will prolong the  hairstyle you just created.
8. When washing your hair, the final step is to rinse it off with cold water, this will make your hair shine. It will also help with hair breakage, since cold water will make your hair folicles close up, this way it won't break when brushing it.
9.  Add a pinch of baking soda to your toothpaste. This will help you to have a nicer and whiter
smile. The little beeds of the baking soda will polish your teeth from all that coffee and the red wine stain. Easily on of my favorite tricks to instantly make my teeth look whiter.
10. Use cold and hot water when washing your face. Just like with the hair, your pores open up when washed with warm water, and will close up when washed with cold water.
11. Use tea tree oil to desinfect your brushes by mixing a couple of drops with water and spritzing it onto your brushes. This mixture can also be your face toner. Highly recommend it for acne
prone, problematic skin as tea tree oil contains natural antibacterial properties.

Do you have some other beauty tips? I hope you find these tips helpful, I think they all worth trying out.

Have nice Wednesday evening!