06 October 2015

Inglot AMC gel eyeliner and Duraline Review

Gel eyeliner is a staple product in my makeup collection. I do the eyeliner look  pretty much every time I do my makeup, but after I reached the half of the gel liner pot it tends to dry out and becomes hard to use.This is when Duraline comes in handy.
Inglot AMC eyeliner gel: I like the color of the gel liner to be a deep, dark, opaque black, with a long lasting formula of course. The Inglot AMC gel liner is really easy to work with, stays put all day, it is highly pigmented, has a dark black finish. I highly recommend it, it is everything you need from a gel liner.

Duraline: this products is very versatile. This is a clear liquid that can be used to soften the dryed up gel liner,it can be used as an eyeshadow base, or as a base for glitter shadows on top of the eyeshadow. A must have even if you are not a makeup artist.

Have you tried any of these? Did you like them?