03 October 2015

Fall beauty essentials 2015

Allthough Fall is not my favorite season weather wise, I do love the variety and color scheme for the makeup and for clothes aswell. Deep, seductive, misterious perfume scents, burgundy and warm brown eyeshadow colors are by far my most used makeup/ beauty products.
 Here is a mix of beauty products I consider to be my Fall essentials:

1/ Body wise I like to use almond scented body washes. My current favorite is the L'occitane Cleansing and softening almond shower oil. The scent is so calming and comforting, sweet but not too sweet. Perfect product to pamper yourself with after a cold day. And because it is an oil, it hydrates the skin aswell.
2/ My favorite dark nail polish is I Brake For Manicures  by OPI. This polish has exactly the color of an eggplant. I find it a classic dark color, perfect if you want something darker than lets say a grey but not as dark as a black.

3/ For eyeshadow the nr.1 place has to go to Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita palette. The light pink PRIME shade is one of a kind and the POP gold makes the eyelook seem luxurious and glam all the way. All 4 of these colors are stunning in every way you mix and match them.
4/ I use a face mask every week, but the one I gravitate towards the most is the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. I want my skin to look radiant and refreshed even in the colder months, and this mask is on of the best I have tried that does that to the skin.

5/ Two lipsticks, both of them from MAC actually: Plumful and Patisserie. Plumful if I want a more standout lip and Patisserie for a nude option. I adore the colors of these lipsticks, but I have to stay in therms of longevity and hydration they are not performing.

6/ Last but not least the perfumes: as I mentioned previously,  I like oriental/deep/misterious scents therefore Tom Ford perfumes need to be mentioned here, because we all know HE is famous for these type of scents. Velvet Orchid and Santal blush are all I am looking for in a Fall/Winter perfume.  When you wear these, everybody will pick up on the unique scent you are wearing.  And then there is Jo Malone Wood Sage&Sea Salt, the scent that still reminds me of Summer and I cannot stop wearing it.

What are you favorite Fall products? Any recommendations?