14 October 2015

MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder Review

I am sadly running low on my favorite setting powder, *Dior Loose Powder*, and me being a makeup lover and constatly having a wishlist I though I will try something new instead of repurchasing my current one, so for a long time now I had my eye on two other setting powders, one of them being the MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.
 So once I got to a MAC store I made the purchase. I have to say, I had high hopes that this powder will be the next favorite but I was dissapointed. I have 3 important things to point out:

Firstly, I have oily skin, so I need a powder that will help me control the oiliness, and this does not do that what so ever. I have to powder my T- zone after literally just two hours after puting on the makeup. Ain't nobody got time for that. I was used to have a shine free T-zone for at least a good 6-7 hours whenever I used my trusty Dior powder.
Secondly, this photographs very badly, it's like you have white flour patches on your face. Not a nice view beleive me when you look back at the photos.
Finally, I find that once applied it is not really translucent, it creates a white cast on the skin, and I am not a fan of that either, who would be?

Final thoughts: sadly, this powder receives  3 thumbs down. I am sorry MAC but  ' invisible way to set makeup and reduce shine'  ... I don't think so. At least not for a girl with oily skin. But even if I had normal skin, the way it photographs is really bad aswell.

I guess I have to purchase the other setting powder on my wishlist, that being the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. Do you have any experience with that? Any other recommendations?
I heard the La Mer setting powder is also one of the best ones out there. Any opinions?

This product is really highly rated on Makeupalley. Am I the only one dissapointed?

I would appreciate any recommendations, opinions, I really need some help.