19 October 2015

Korres Almond Cherry shower gel

Korres is a Greek beauty brand, having all natural ingredients in their products, that are also silicone and paraban free.
Recently I got gifted their Almond Cherry scented shower gel. Not a scent I would choose for myself,  due to the fact that I am not a fruity scented shower gel lover what so ever, neither a very highly scented shower gel lover to be more precise. But the cherry is not noticable at all, therefore I really like using it. The only scent I pick up is from the almonds. Nut scented products tend to have that warm sweetness to them that I really appreciate especially these colder months. Products containing an ingredient like almonds are known to be hydrating also, thanks to the oil content of the nut. The skin feels clean, and the subtle almond scent lingers on the skin, even after towel drying myself.

What is your favorite shower gel? Do you choose your shower gels according to season?