27 October 2015

KIKO Make up Haul

KIKO is a make up brand from Milano, Italy. They are know to have a huuuge variety of make up products, that are super affordable with a great quality, and they also have skincare items such as make up removers, masks, face creams etc.
I was already familiar with the brand and previously tried a couple of their products, so it wasn't all new to me. Because I enjoyed using their products in the past I was curious about some of their new-ish releases. Or new to me because I don't have a KIKO store next to me.
I recently had a day trip to Como Lake in Italy, and going into a  KIKO store was on my to do list. If you already shopped in a  KIKO store you know how overwhelming it can be, to go inside and have thousands of products displayed and ready to be swatched. But I resisted buying unnecessary products  and got just a few new items that seemed interesting to add to my collection.

I got the Contouring pencil set in the shade Light to Medium. I guess this set is one of their new products, since it was displayed separately. They had only two shade ranges,one in Light to Medium and one in Medium to Dark, I beleive. I already used it and so far  I really enjoy using it, I find it very easy to contour with a pencil, the shades suit me, and you can blend them into the foundation really easily and it looks natural on the skin. I will have a separate review about this set, because I think it deserves it's own attention!

Second product that I got is a Creamy stick  highlighter, in the shade 100. This is a golden - champagne highlighter which is perfect for all year round. It offers a subtle glowy look, it is perfect to be used during the day. The formula is creamy, and easy to blend.

Last thing that caught my attention is one of their Pigment Loose eyeshadows in the shade 10. I found they didn't had so many shades to choose from, only about 5 or so. That was quite a dissapointment, I would have gotten more shades. The shade that I got is really versatile, I beleive it
would suit any skintone. It is a pinky taupe with gold shimmer in it. Allthough I havent tried it yet, I
am sure I will like it, it seems to be my kind of shade. I will definitely post a makeu p look using this pigment. I have some interesting eye looks in my head. Cannot wait to try this out.

What is your experience in a KIKO store? Are you overwhelmed like I am?What are your favorite items from the brand?