22 February 2015

Artdeco Eyeliner review / My favorite

This product has it's well deserved place in my make up collection.I love it and I never want to be without it! I love a cat eye look, that is my go to eye look. With or without eyeshadow a good cat eye has its effect.
My most used eyeliner is definitely the Artdeco Perfect color Eyeliner, in Black *obviously*. You may not heard about the brand, so I should say a couple of words about it: it is a German make up brand,with mid priced products, having foundations, powders, blushes, eyeshadows, brushes etc etc.You can find some of their products on The Beautybay.com website, or if you live in Europe, in Douglas, the German Sephora equivalent also carries it.

   So back to this eyeliner: it has a brush type of applicator, which is my favorite type of applicator, the color is a matte black, and the longevity is insane, allthough it is not waterproof or water resistant, it lasts thru gym, or running with only minor smudging if any. The price is around 10 €/13$. You can easily create a thin winged line, or a thick line if you want to. The brush is very easy to manage.It does dry quite quickly, but you can still wipe it off easily of you' ve made a mistake. Good news for hooded eye girls because it does not trasfer. I have hooded eyes and I never experienced it transferring onto my eyelids.At the end of the day, it comes off easily with an eye make up remover or cleanser whatever you fancy using. Despite the fact that its long lasting, it doesn't require much rubbing on the eye in order to take it off.

The sad thing is that it is so hard to find, even now I had to wait at least two months for it to be back in stock, and the Artdeco make up counter only got just two of them. As far as I know this particular eyeliner from Artdeco only comes in black, but for me that is the only shade I need. They have some other felt tip eyeliners that come in other colors aswell.

PS: you don't need an eyeshadow base for this, like you would need with the Mac Blacktrack fluidline. You can even have oily eyelids, it will stay put all day long.I have nothing on my eyelids on the pictures above.

What do you think? Did you find this review helpful? Does it worth checking out? Let me know!

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