14 February 2015

Products I hit pan on

I think we will all agree that if we hit pan on an eyeshadow or some sort of face powder, it means they were used and loved by us. Otherwise, they would be in the back of our make up drawers, long forgotten by us. Am I right?

I admit that these 5 products I am going to write about are some of the first products in my make up collection, but I do use them even now.

     Estee Lauder Signature Silky blush in 12 Rosette: this terracotta-ish, coral-brown *if that is possible*  blush is still one of my favorites. Kind of acts like a bronzer but not quite.. hard to describe, but on of those types of blushes that don't necessarily require a bronzer to be used along with them.
     Too Faced Peach Leopard Bronzer: my first ever product from the brand. And I love it.I still use it..although it's harder and harder to get some product on the brush, but this powder, again, it is a blush and bronzer in two, that brightens and perfects the skin. Used all over for a bronzed look, or just as a blush, both ways is gorgeous.

     Now onto the 3 eyeshadows I hit pan on: 

First is this Kiko eyeshadow in the shade nr. 129: I use this on my eyelids whenever I feel like a simple cat-eye look, and I want to use just a natural eyeshadow, nothing that takes the attention from  the winged eyeliner.I would describe this as a vanilla colored shadow with glitter in it. The glitter is not that perceptable once it is applied on the lids. I find this shade just brightens the eye in the right way, and offers that no makeup makeup look. Because this eyeshadow is easily blendable, I sometimes use it to blend out any harsh lines, just to perfect the shape of the eyeshadows.

Estee Lauder Pure Color eyeshadow in Pink Ice 01: this is a frosty, shimmery white eyeshadow just as the name suggests. It has a slight pinky shade to it, nothing really anyone would notice. I like to use this as an all over eye color, or to highlight under the browbone or in the inner corners.

Estee Lauder *again* eyeshadow palette: I could easily say that I used this up and not that I hit pan on it. Out of 8 eyeshadows there are only two left, the purple one I have never used, and never liked, but just for that plum matte shade I still hold on to this palette. This was a gift with purchase from the brand many many years ago, it was my first ever eyshadow palette actually.

This post was rulled by Estee Lauder you could say.3 out of 5 well done.Surprisingly,  I don't really buy Estee Lauder products now, but it seems like back in the day when I started wearing make up it was my go to make up brand.

Do you feel proud once you hit pan on your products? It sure is a sign you love and use them.

Any special plans for today?

Happy Valentines day!