15 February 2015

Daytime appropriate contouring routine

Contouring the face is my favorite part when it comes to makeup.When its done properly it can make all the difference. My favorite way to contour is first with a cream product, and then with a powder product to set everything in place.
 Two of my favorite products that I use when I want a perfect contoured face is the Creamy Glow Duo from Kevin Aucoin and Mac Harmony blush. Two perfect partners.

Now, I admit that I am lucky enough to have quite proeminent cheekbones without doing any contouring whatsoever, but this step is the one that makes your makeup glamorous so I must contour.

After I applied my foundation of choice, I first use the cream product and I simply draw a streight line in the hollows of my cheeks and then I blend it out upwards.This way you uplift your cheekbones aswell. Then I also use it around the perimeters of my face and slightly on my nose to perfect the shape of it and make it more slimmer. I apply it very lightly, as this is a daytime appropriate contouring routine.

To set everything I then take the Mac blush and go over the places where I contoured previously.  Easiest and my favorite way to contour.

I know, that both of the products mentioned are high end, but I have my eye on the Nyx Taupe blush, that is a cool grey colored blush, that everyone says is perfect to contour with. Once I get my hands on it, *sadly it is out of stock everywhere* I promise I will share my thoughts.

Happy Sunday to everyone! I am off to celebrate my sisters birthday. What are your plans for today?

Have you tried the Nyx Taupe blush? Is it as good as everybody says?