01 February 2015

Favorite nail polish Dior Riviera

Dior happens two have one of my favorite nail polish shades. I adore Dior Incognito and this one which is Riviera 537. Two classics, a nude and a red.
These are one of the best formulas of nail polish, opaque in one swipe, really fast drying, shiny nail polishes. I like the applicator aswell which kind of hugs the nail shape really well.At least my nail shape that is quite standard I guess.

The shade Riviera is an orange based red, that type of red that is perfect for all year round. I like to do two coats, and it last for 3-4 days without chipping. Then I change my color anyways so for me 4 days is the maximum time I wear one nail polish color.

Sadly I am running really low on this, I must repurchase it in the future, thats why I could make a photo of it without the polish running out.

Did you try Dior nail polishes? What are your thoughts? Any favorites?
Happy Sunday! For me it is sadly over, I must prepare for a new week..