08 February 2015

My favorite beauty S.O.S. tips to help you survive the Winter dryness

This Winter really made me suffer from dryness. I never had skin so dry before.I am talking dry hands, lips, and basically dryness all over my body. I have been trying out everything that I can to get it back to normal and so far these tips are what made my skin feel like normal again.

1.If you have that extra 10 minutes..take your hand cream to the next level. Have you ever tried moisturizing gloves before? They are basically normal gloves that are ment to be used when you apply your handcream. They work better when used overnight. A Spa for your hands. Extra tip: use some kind of essencial oil with your moisturizer, it will have better results.

2. I don't know about you, but my lips are DRY this Winter. Don't know what happened but all I can say that I cannot wait this Winter to be over. My lips are dry and flaky and the only thing that helps me is to use a mild lip scrub every other day, to get rid of the dry flaky skin, and then using a heavy lip balm to create a tick layer of protection. I have a DIY home made lip scrub recipe that is basically fine sugar mixed with honey and maybe a couple of drops of some essential oil to make it more spa-like.The lip balm I have been using is the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour lip balm.

3. Dry patches on the face and body: the answer is shea butter. Shea butter is the only thing that helps me.The higher prerentage of shea butter the better.  Just apply it on the areas where you need it and it will do its magic.It is the best hydrating solution that I know of. My favorite body butter is from L'occitane,but many brands do them like The Body Shop, Dove, Jergens, etc. 

Extra tips: 
1.Wear gloves and hats when you are out and about, it will make the difference. It will protect your hair, your scalp, and hands.
2.When taking a shower or a bath, use bath oils/shower oils, this way you will moisturize your skin in an extra way. Loccitane Almond oil shower oil is my Favorite.
3.Drink water, and drink plenty of it. It can be a hot tea, doesn't matter, we need to hydrate ourselves even in Winter.
4.Use a hydrating face mask lets say two times a week, also a hair mask at least every other time you wash your hair. If you don't have time during the day, then use one that is ment to be used overnight like the Origins Drink Up Intense moisturizer mask, or a pre-wash hair mask like the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer.

Did you find these tips helpful?I hope it gave you some ideas how to fight Winter dryness.

Share your tips with me and everybody else who will be reading this.

Have a Happy Sunday!