23 July 2015

Classic RED nails

I consider myself pretty boring when it comes to nails. I tend to wear the classic colors such as a nude, red , a dark navy and a ballerina pink. Of course I have some other fun colors in my collections, but I rarely venture out and use them.
Todays post is about a classic red nail polish I recently got from Sally Hansen in the shade #570 Right Said Red. This is true red, with no orange undertones. It kind of reminds me of OPI's Big Apple Red, one that I use to own and love years ago.

This is my first ever Sally Hansen nail polish so I don't quite know what to expect regarding the wear of the polish. The formula seems good, almost gel type in my opinion, opaque in one swipe, although I always put two coats on. I like the applicator brush, because it has a round-ish shape, wich is my preferred shape for nail polish applicators because it hugs the nails and makes the work easier.

It also dried quite fast, considering I didnt't use my trusty Seche Vite top coat. So thats a plus aswell.

Now the only thing to see is how long it lasts. I wear my nail polish for 4 days usually. If it lasts for 3 and it slightly chips on the 4th day then I am happy and content. 4 days is all I want and expect from a nail polish.  I will have to report back regarding this.

What is your favorite nail polish brand? Do you own any Sally Hansen nail product?