01 July 2015

June Favorites| 2015

This month I felt like I was on 'repeat' mode. I am not kidding,every product I used, I used it over and over again. Same eyeshadow looks, same perfume, same nail polish.These are truly my most used and loved products in the month of June.

   I don't think I made an eyeshadow look without using the Burgundy Times 9 Palette from MAC. Either  I created a look using only this palette, either I used a couple of the shades mixedin with some other shadows from different palettes. My most used shades are the matte ones: Poppyseed, Quarry, Embark, Haux.

   I have been mixing the Molecule 01 perfume with every other perfume I own, and I love the combinations that I get. It makes all perfumes be more special and different, and nobody can't figure out what I wear. And I love that.

   I am feeling recently the milky white/pink short square nails. I think it screams summer, and makes your tan look 10 times better. This Formula X nail polish in the color #Intensity is the perfect milky pink in my opinion. I have been wearing this color  for two weeks in a row this month.

   My last beauty product is a foot treatment oil from Margaret Dabbs. Every other day before I go to bed I massage this oil onto my foot, and I kid you not the next morning my feet looks like I recetly had a pedicure. This oil works wonders during the night. Softens and hydrates the skin, treats the cuticules, and it also smells really good. Sometimes feet need a little extra attention, especially during summer.

My last favorite product is a handbag from Rebecca Minkoff. I'll be honest, I never thought I will love this handbag as much as I do. Long story short, I needed a smaller crossbody bag, that is affordable yet really stylish and designer if possible. So I remembered the Mini Mac handbag from Rebecca Mincoff, that are in fashion for so many years now, they are leather, can be worn crossbody or on the shoulder, fits a lot of things, and their price is reasonable. It sounded like the perfect handbag to get. I am very happy with the choice I made, I cannot get enough of the handbag. I find it very cute and adds a little something to every outfit.The rose gold hardware with the light nude-ish pink leather is amazing.

I rambled about the handbag a lot, but I recommend it entirely if you are thinking about it. What are your favorites for the month of June?