18 July 2015

Makeup bag MUST haves | 5 Products

If you are someone who wears makeup on a daily basis you have to have some key products in your makeup bag, just in case your makeup needs a touch-up, just a little SOS. I thought it would be interesting to share my touch-up must haves and why I consider them essentials.

My top 5 product recommendations to ALWAYS have in your makeup bag:

1. Concealer: after a long day of work, in the summer time when it is boiling hot, your makeup is melting, plus you are wearing sunglasses, your concealer can magically dissapear, so I think it is very important to have an extra one in your makeup bag.

2. Lipstick/ Lip gloss/ Lip Balm: I think every women on the Earth has some sort of lip product in their handbag. Touching up the lips is a must when you are about to go out in the big World. No excuses.

3. Eye liner/ eye pencil: some sort of eye pencil is all you need to transform a daytime look into a nighttime look. Line your waterline and create a little cat flick and your eyes are done.

4. Powder: we don't want to have a shiny T-zone right? Adding a touch of powder will take away the  unwanted shine and prolong your makeup with at least two more hours. Extra tip: have a powder foundation on hand,  or a powder that offers some coverage, this way you kind of touch up the foundation aswell. Powder your nose ladies!

5. My final suggestion to have in your makeup bag is a tinted brow gel: this will add a little color to your brows  and it will hold them in place. Two in one.

Can you think of anything else to add to the makeup bag? I am opened to suggestions and ideas!