03 September 2015

Non beauty and beauty favorites of August 2015

Its time for some favorites and this will be an interesting one.I will share some beauty and also some non beauty favorites.
Lets start with the beauty favorites: Not so long ago I posted a haul about some bits that I bought while travelling. And as you do, when you buy new beauty products you tend to wear them over and over again, so here they are, featured as my favorites of this month. MAC Margin is THE blush of the month! I have been adoring this blush, it is blush perfection in my opinion. All summer long I have been into mixing my MAC Harmony blush with a highlighter to create a shimmery bronzy look and this blush is two in one. It looks amazing on my cheeks and I really really enjoy wearing it.
The fragrance that I have been wearing is also a recent purchase, that being the Jo Malone Wood Sage&Sea Salt. This will remind me of this vacation for sure. It is woody yet fresh, salty but sweet. Amazing scent combination,but you cannot imagine how it smells from my horrible description so just go and have a look if you can.
As I mentioned in my haul, I needed a makeup remover so I bought the Clinique Take the day off , two way makeup remover for lids,  lashes and lips. And I love it because it effortlessly removes every trace of makeup and leaves your skin clear and comfortable.
My next favorite, and also the last beauty favorite is TheBalm highlighter in Mary-Loumanizer.I use this with every eye look to highlight my inner corners of the eye and also under my browbone. I like the white-ish highlight that it gives, it just compliments every eyeshadow look.

 My non beauty favorites: I have been travelling all month long, from Germany, and Austria to Italy and then to Croatia. Highlights of my travels have definitely been the amazing food. In Germany I enjoyed to eat their famous Bavarian Brezel/ Pretzel with some butter on top. In Austria I visited Salzburg, the city where Mozart was born, and therefore THE place to indulge into the original and also handmade Mozartkugel chocolate. Here I also had the opportunity to try the famous and original Sacher torte, at the Sacher Hotel. In Italy my breakfast consisted of croissants every morning, and of course, I had a gelato every single day( that was basically my lunch).It is not posibble, and its a sin not to eat icecream while you are in Italy. That country is the LAND of icecream. Then in Croatia there was the seafood every day. Scallops, shrimps,calamari, muscles, crabs, you name it, was on the menu every single day. The food was delicious I must say. And also, the sunset in Croatia was breathtaking. Nothing is more relaxing then sitting on the beach and watching the Sun go down. Do you agree?

My travel and food adventures  are not over because in aproximately 10 days I will be travelling to Morocco, Marrakech so you can follow me on Instagram to see the photos I will be taking. My username is dannacska. Come say Hi.

Lasty, with all this eating I needed to incorporate some workout into my daily/ almost daily routine. With not so much space in hotel rooms, and not having that much time for it, I enjoyed the help of good old youtube for some workout videos. I love the fact that basically all you have to do is get that sports clothes on, press play and get moving. The videos are mostly around 30 minutes, so no excuse, everybody has time for that, and they are so well put together, you will get your whole body movin'. My favorites are from the GymRa workout channel, I will link my favorites below if you are interested.



Besides beauty, I am a big fan of healthy eating(obviously not while in vacation though)  and sports. So if you share my obsession for these kind of things then come back in a week or so, because I will be posting my first lifestyle post about what I eat, some sports habbits, tips and some inspiration.

What are your non beauty favorites of the month? Did you get the chance to travel this Summer? If so, where?