01 December 2014

Gym bag beauty essentials

When going to the gym you need to have some basic beauty products in your bag. And I am not talking about foundation and mascara, I am talking about the essentials that everybody needs to have in their gym bag.
Lets brake it down my gym bag beauty  essentials:

- hair comb and hair tie: it is advisable you tie your hair up when sweating in the gym. I find it annoying when your hair is in your face when running or taking an aerobic class.
- makeup remover and some cotton pads:I have this travel size makeup remower water from Ren. I don't particularly like this but it is convenient because of its size and it does the job.
- facewash (Elemis facewash): removing the foundation just with the Ren face cleanser is not enough. So I use a separate face wash to get my skin all clear from the foundation and bronzer/powder/blush. I don't remove the eye makeup, I find that doesn't bother me when doing my workout. I wash my face after workout aswell with this.
- after workout a dry shampoo is necesarry (Batiste dry shampoo is my favorite). A dry shampoo is the perfect way to quickly refreshen your hair. This shampoo adds volume, and it has a nice fresh smell to it
-  a very important product is a body wash,( Body Shop Moringa shower gel) you don't want to leave the gym without takin a shower after you've been working out
- after shower you also need a deodorant, an obvious step (not featured in the picture)

Optionals (not shown on the picture either): a mini sized perfume, great if you own a Travalo, I don't but I have a sample sized perfume, also if you find your skin is dry considering that is wintertime, you can even carry a smaller body cream with you and a face moisturizer.

I go to the gym directly from work, so the makeup remover is important for those who wear makeup to work, like myself, and want to take it off. But the face wash I do recommend wether if you wear makeup or not, wether if  if you are going from home or from work to do some workout. It is very important we wash our face especially after working out, so we prevent breaking out from all the sweat and dirt.

I think this will cover everything. I never needed anything else besides these.

Whats in your gym beauty essentials bag?