14 December 2014

Two in one blush and illuminator: Sleek Rose Gold

I am sure you already heard about the comparison between the Sleek blush inRosegold and the Nars Orgasm blush.  I don't own the Nars one, so I can't give my thoughts on that, but I think this Sleek blush worth mentioning.

As I shopped my stash I discovered this beauty of a blush I had in the back of my Muji drawers.I purchased it a long time ago, don't ask me why, how or why I have forgotten about it,  sadly I have, but luckily I've  discovered its georgesness now.

If you look at it, you may think it is too shimerry, glittery, and that the color might be  bit too coraly, infact the combination of coral and the gold shimmers makes it a rose gold blush. But I assure you, once it is applied on the cheeks, all you get is a glowing slightly coral sheen, that is not screaming too much gold neither coral. Basically illuminator and blush in one.

*Heavy swatch

I say this blush goes both with a bold red lip or a nude lip. The golden glow is perfect for the upcoming Holiday period, but it is also perfect for any time of the year, day or night.

Everything is a thumbs up  about this blush.Simple small packaging that fits in your makeup bag, if you are traveling, it is opaque, long lasting, and at good price. This retails for only 6.99$ on the Sleeek website, which offers worldwide shipping. Sleek has a various selection of blushes, and they also come in palettes. Recommend checking them out.

What do you thin about this blush? Do you own it?