17 January 2015

Let's talk about Primers

    Primers are really one of those types of products that you can choose to wear it or not. It is really up to you, your needs and preferences. Allthough,  I beleive some types of primers can really represent the KEY step to a flawless, long lasting makeup. 

There are 4 types of primers: face primer, eyeshadow primer, mascara base/primer, lip primer.
Various brands make them (like Mac, Nars, Benefit, Rimmel, Nyx, Dior etc), you can find primers pretty much at any price point, for any types of skin, or skin concerns. 
The point of using primers is to prolong your makeup wear, blur fine lines and wrinkles, even out the skin tone, hide skin discoloration,ninimize pores,  mattify or illuminate the skin etc. it really depends on your preference which one you choose.

 I separated the 4 of them into two categories: ones that are a must and ones that aren't.

The must Primers:
   1.Face primers: ones that I suggest you incorporate in your daily routine.Even if you don't care about its anti ageing, color correcting, or hydrating benefits, I am sure everybody wants their makeup to last for longer. It can seem as an extra step you might not have time for, or you don't need, but it can make all the difference. 
In this category of primers I would like to point out that face primers have liquid/cream, powder or spray formulas. My preferred ones are cream/liquid ones, that mattify the skin, and minimize pores.

   2.Eyeshadow primers: this should be a must in everybodys makeup collection. Basically if you use eyeshadows you must have an eyeshadow primer.There is no but or maybe.These two come hand in 
hand, and compliment each other. The eyeshadow primer not just makes the eyehsadow stay on all day, and helps it to not crease, but it helps the color to be more vibrant and opaque looking.

Now onto the two types of primers that are not a must have:
   3.Mascara base: for me personally, mascara primers really don't do much. With or without them my lashes are streight and stubborn looking. I used to use the Dior Lash Maximizer, and yes I liked it at the time, but the fact that I didn't repurchased it explains a lot.
   4.Lip primer: I am one to say that if you have a good long wearing lip pencil or lipstick/lipgloss that is enough.This would be really an extra step I would skip and forget. I mean, we are reapplying our lipstick anyways,so..

My favorite primers that I like to use are: Hourglass Mineral Veil, Max Factor FaceFinity, Benefit PoreFessional, Too Faced shadow insurrance, Mufe eyeshadow primer, Urban Decay eyeshadow 

What are your favorite primers? Do you use a primer on a daily basis?
Thank you for stepping by!
Wish you all a lovely Saturday!