31 January 2015

January Favorites

Hello everyone! I actually thought I din't had any outstaing favorite products this month but when I looked thru my makeup drawers I remembered that there are some really good products that I discovered in the last month.

There are two face products: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in intensity 20 and Ren Satin Perfection BB cream .These are the only two foundations I used all thru the month of January.I adore the BB cream.I wore it mostly alone, and it was perfect for an everyday makeup look.The coverage is light to medium, after all it is just a BB cream, and that is ok and enough.But the finish of this is soo beautiful and natural looking.It blends into the skin seamlessly and creates a second skin layer that looks healthy, matte but velvety at the same time. The longevity on my skin is a good 9 hours. Really impressed.
The Estee Lauder DWL is again a really good product. Light to medium coverage but deffinitely buildable. My tip is to build up the coverage using your fingers.Quite matte finish, long lasting, really light weight and non transfering.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant: my lips are dry like the Sahara. I don't know what is happening this Winter but the dryness I experience is not funny.This is the lip product that helps me get thru this Winter dry*skin*chapped*lips*crisis.Subtle lemony sweet scent, with a melting balm/oily formula.

These Loreal eyeshadows were my favorite purchase in January. I have 3 of them: Smokey 301, Nude 204, and Nude 201. Highly recommend them. Great drugstore eyeshadows, good quality, price, formula and pigmentation.

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth treatment: I ran out of my Opi base coat so when I was just causally looking around in one of the beauty stores I spotted they have Sally Hansen nail products so I picked this up, and it is good as it can be. My nailpolish chipps usually around 3 days of wear, and that is good for me. And it is way cheaper than the Opi I had.

Nyx lipgloss in 161 Beautiful is the lip product I grabbed for the most in January.In the mornings when I am in a hurry and doing my makeup I don't think about applying a lip liner or a lipstick. That needs some extra time I do not have, so I just apply a lip gloss that just gives a hint of color to my lips. Nothing fancy but perfect for work.

And lastly a fragrance I have been enjoying this month: Burberry Rythm EDT. Scent are hard to describe and the way you percept a scent is really depends on your sensibility to scents I guess. But to me this is perfect for daytime, Winter or Summer doesn't matter. It is unusual in a good way,it is aromatic, sensual, slight sweet but not over powering, with a hint of muskyness and mistery.For and Edt is lasts a long time on me.

I am quite into perfumes at the moment. I am curious of the new Ysl Black Opium, everybody raves
about it. Infact I am going to the store today and check it out.A purchase might happen.

What is your favorite fragrance of the moment? Any products you want to try based on my favorites? Have a lovely Saturday! Follow my Instagram if you wish: dannacska is my Username.