05 April 2015

Concealer Routine

I never use to have dark circles problems, but since I started working, waking up at 6 o'clock 5 times a week,  I can now sadly say that I now suffer from puffy eyes and dark circles. I admit it is not easy to get rid of dark circles, but I think I found the perfect products for that.
Now I have a whole 'dark circle' routine that I like doing and I find that works for me. I also want to mention, that I apply my foundation prior to correct and conceal. So the foundation helps with the coverage aswell. Then, I do the following steps:

First I use the Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in the shade #1 to correct the blueness under my eyes. I like to use this because it has a very light texture, and the pink color of it is perfect for canceling out the blue color.

Then I use the Maybelinne Age Rewind Concealer in the shade Light. I apply this in a V shape under my eyes and I blend it in with my fingers This is a two in one products for me, because it conceals but also highlights the under eye area. This product is very creamy, blendable, doesn't crease in the fine lines, and lasts all day long.

Now the final step, is to set these products, and for that I am using the Bare Minerals Well Rested
Eye Brightener Powder *such a long name*. I like using this with a smaller brush, (like a setting brush or a blending brush)and I lightly buff this into the skin, where I applied the corrector and the concealer. It sets everything into place, and also adds some extra coverage, and brightens just like its name suggests.

Sometimes when my dark circles are actually more blackish than bluish, and I have a feeling that these 3 steps are not going to be enough to cover them, I like to use the Sensual Skin Enhancer from Kevin Aucoin in Sx 08, and apply just a tiny bit of product on top of the G.A corrector and blend it in with my ring finger, so the warmness of my finger helps the product to melt into the skin better. Then I simply follow up with the other two products mentioned above.This product is very pigmented and the shade that I have is quite orange-y so that makes it a perfect product to fight against my darker blakish circles.

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What is your secret weapon when it comes to dark circles?