13 April 2015

My cleansing routine

Taking the makeup off and cleansing your skin thoughrily must be a step you should never skip. I make sure I never go to sleep with my makeup on.Never. I have quite a  problematic skin, so I made a RULE to I take those extra minutes and cleanse my face.
I try to incorporate as a first step some sort of cleansing water. I am not a huge fan of cleansing waters, but sometimes I like to try and test out some new formulas and brands, maybe I change my mind? Now I opted for this new cleansing water formula from Nivea, because it is paraben and sulfate free, 90 % organic and it contains aloe vera and argan oil. Definitely a Budget Buy. And I also think that using some sort of cleansing waters can be a perfect first step in removing your makeup.

The next step is taking the rest my make up off by using either a balm or an oil type of cleanser. Oils or balms are far my favorite method to do so. I just got my hand on the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil, I must admit it is lovely. This oil takes off your makeup effortlessly in just a few seconds, it is mild and hydrating to your skin, and I just love using it.

Then, my last and final step is to use my Clarisonic with the Bioderma Sensibio Cleansing Gel, 
which is a repurchase for me. These two together work the best in my opinion. You need only a pump of the Bioderma, and it foams up really well. After using these two I feel my skin is feeling much
cleaner and comfortable. And I also like the fact that this gel is paraban free and great for oily skin, which I do have, and I do have to take in consideration when choosing my skincare products.

PS *I really need to change the brush head of my Clarisonic*

What is your cleansing routine? Do you have some products to recommend?