05 December 2015

My favorite perfumes to mix together: Jo Malone, Molecule 01, Acqua di Parma

Everybody who knows me , knows that I like perfumes, and I always search for something unique, and, what in my opinion is insteresting, and different then the other ones.

I currently own around 10 perfumes in my collection, some of you may say i'ts a big collection, I say I could still get at least 5 more. But I am only one person and perfumes have a shelf life aswell.So my rule is one out, one in.

How to create the perfect, most unique scent, if not mixing up your perfumes.Of course, not every perfume is made to be mixed up but two of the brands I will be talking about are famous for this possibility.
    Jo Malone perfumes are know to be perfumes that can be mixed, as well as Excentric Molecule Molecule 01. I'm sure that everybody who is a perfume fanatic already heard about this one.
Both of them are on the fresh side of perfumes, I think the key to mixing them is to be in the same scent category.They are fresh yet both of them are earthy,aromatic and woody.The combination is so unique and powerful, something I never smelled before, on anybody, therefore every time I mix these two together, I feel like this is my ultimate personal unique scent. People can never figure out what perfume I am wearing, and I kind of like that.

Another fresh scent that I like to mix sometimes with the Molecule 01 is the Magnolia Noble from Acqua di Parma.This is again a very aromatic, citrus, woody and fresh scent, with a hint of floral like magnolia and tuberose. This is also a wonderful combination, I got many compliments wearing it.

Do you like the idea of mixing perfumes? If so, what perfumes do you like mixing?