18 December 2015

One day trip to Milan and Mini Haul from Sephora

Yesterday I visited the beautiful city of Milan and I want to share some photos with you and an awesome street food recommendation. Whilst there I purchased some makeup goodies, not much, but some much needed and wanted products.
It's Christmas time so of course the city is beautifully decorated and there is a Christmas market next to the Duomo. I was previously in Milan a couple of times before but never this time of the year and the amount of people there was insane.

When I am visiting another country I like experiencing both restaurants and street food. I heard that the Luini Italian Fast Food/Bakery is really famous for their Panzerotti , so I had to try it. I tried their panzerotti with ricotta and spinach and it was soo good I actually went back to get another one but this time the queue was insane. First I went there at 10am when it was just opening and second time around 2pm and look at the difference:

Now onto my mini haul: I went into Sephora with a list in my head of the products I want to get. Marc Jacobs High Liner in Black, Nars Jubilation blush duo, Marc Jacobs Coconut Face Primer. The MJ liner was sold out (second time I tried to purchase this in the same Sephora shop), they didn't have the Nars blush duo, and I have been told that for my oily skin it's not recommended I get the MJ Coconut primer, since it is more hydrating than mattifying.

So I got instead the MUFE Step 1 Mattifying primer in a 15ml travel size.Every sales associate pointed at this primer when I said I have oily skin. It must be good then.
 I needed a new masacara,and I decided getting the MUFE Smoky Extravagant mascara, also in a 5ml travel size. I tried it out in the store and it made my lashes quite long.
Last thing from Sephora is a Ginseng Sleeping mask.Apparently this is a new line of masks Sephora makes, and I liked the idea of using a mask overnight.
From the Rinascimento store I got the famous Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in Translucent.I feel like this is the most hyped about loose setting powder.

I will come back with a first impressions, mini review of these 4 products next week when I already had the chance to use them a couple of times.

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