02 December 2015

Sarah Chapman Rapid Radiance Cleanse Review

This product is a wonder in a bottle.I knew it would be good since I only heard rave reviews about this luxury skincare brand. Since my favorite online store Feelunique carries this skincare line, I made the order to get my hands on my very first Sarah Chapman product.

One of  my favorite types of skincare products are the radiance boosting ones. I love products like the  Alpha-H Liquid Gold Glycolatic Acid, and Ren Glycolactik Renewal Mask, but one of these is a treatment and the other one a mask, so a cleanser that promisses radiance in just seconds caught my attention.

A short review of the product: this is a 2 in 1 product, meaning it can me used as a typical cleanser, such as: you massagethe product into your face then rinse it off with warm water, or it can be used as mask when you leave it one for about 2 minutes.
The color of the cleanser is white, and it has a thick clay - hence the French Green Clay ingredient- type of formula.The scent is what I would describe as herbal, not the usual warm, sweet scent that you would expect when you think of a face cleanser. At least in my opinion. Regardless the scent, this product does wonders in just minutes. I like using it in the morning, every other day or 3 times a week. It depends how my skin feels, and what it needs. After keeping the mask on for two minutes, I notice my skin is way brighter, it feels refreshed, and it's glowing. It just feels comfortable and clean, it's a really good pick me up product after a night out,or when you are tired but you don't want that to be noticable on your skin.

I would say, in therms or result, it is the same to the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Glycolatic Acid, or the Ren Glycolactik Renewal Mask. If you own one of these product already, there is no rush in purchasing this one.But if you don't have any of these radiance boosting products then I suggest to get this to add to your routine.

What is your favorite radiance boosting product?