16 December 2015

Ultimate Christmas Wishlist| Non-beauty

I am sure everybody has an ultimate Christmas wishlist, some items we would really like to see under the Christmas tree with our names on it. Here is mine, allthough these items are not cheap *except maybe the firts two*, and trust me I am fully aware of that, but I am allowed to dream and wish to receive them am I?

I start with the most affordable item, and that is a mug from Anthropologie with my monogram on it, A from Anna.
The second item is again from Anthropologie and that is a book about frangrances. I think this is a great coffee table book. I still had to include an item that has some beauty bits in it...
The third item price wise is a Jo Malone Diffuser. I know that nothing is cheap at Jo Malone, and the price of this diffuser being somewhere around 70€/58£ I don't have high hopes that somebody will surprise me with it.
Next is a scarf, and not just any scarf, a cashmere one from The White Company. I like the ombre color of it, and I can already feel/imagine how warm and cozy this would be tied around my neck.
Finally, the price of this item is mind blowing.This is truly the "wish" item out of all, it is a headphone from the brand FRENDS. This is one of the nicest headphones I have ever seen and its design is so unique and luxurious.

This was a short and sweet wishlist and that is because most of the items that I want are actually beauty items, and with so many talks regarding makeup, skincare and perfume I thought it's more interesting to spice things up and talk about other stuff aswell.

What is your ultimate non-beauty wishlist?

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