24 January 2016

Affordable burgundy nailpolish

Affordable but good quality nail polish is quite hard to find but Maybelline get's it right in that department.

More specifically their Super Stay 7 days gel polish formula.The shade range is not that big, but you can find the classic colors such as red, pink, nudes etc.

Winter time I find that I gravitate towards nudes, deep navy and burgundy colors such as Midnight Red from Maybelline.
I am ready to spend money on a higher end nailpolish such as Dior, which is my favorite higher end nailpolish,  but I am also glad to find a cheaper alternative with the same lasting power and similar formula.

As you can see, the color is shiny and it's a classic, beautiful burgundy/wine shade. It dries very quickly, the formula is opaque in one coat, but I use two coats anyways.
In therms of it's claims of  lasting 7 days, I can't really give you my opinion, as I always change my nail color after a maximum of 4 days. But I can tell that in those 3 or 4 days the chipping is minimal and the color stays shiny.

What is your go-to Winter nail polish shade?