30 January 2016

Shopping my stash: Diorskin Nude Air Foundation

Although I have oily combination skin, during winter time my skin gets so dry and flacky, that my usual foundations such as the Estee Lauder Double Wear, and the ByTerry Cover Expert don't provide enough hydration and care for my skin throughout the day.
I previously shared my first impressions about the Diorskin Nude Air SPF 25 serum foundation that I got last Summer (mine is in the shade 030). Back then, due to the weather being hot and humid, and this foundation being oily and hydrating I didn't like it and forgot about it for months. Now I absolutely adore it, exactly because of its hydrating and oily formula. It is everything my skin needs now to survive the cold, windy days.

The formula is light and very fluid, quite oily and as I already mentioned hydrating (it is a serum foundation after all). I like that it doesn't accentuate my dry patches, it just melts into the skin in a really nice and easy way. I like using my Zoeva stippling foundation brush to apply it.

The finish of this foundation is a velvety matte finish, which gets a little dewy after a good 5/6 hours of wear.Nothing that needs blotting or touch ups, just a healthy glow.

I would say it has a good medium coverage on me, but I admit I don't really have skin problems to hide, just the usual pimple that visits me every month.

I do use a primer and a setting powder, and the foundation lasts for a good 12 hours, without disappearing from my face.

You need to shake well the bottle before you use it. I like the heavy glass packaging, but I'm not a fan of the dropper applicator, I rather like foundation bottles that come with a pump.
The foundation has a strong powdery floral scent to it ( that I can smell even after hours) but my nose gets use to it during the day, so it doesn't bother me that much.

Do you have a favorite winter foundation?