31 January 2016

Recent favorite makeup products

I don't do monthly favorites just because I feel like I don't have that many new products to share every single month, so I rather share them once in a while in a Recent favorites post. This way the products I am sharing are truly the ones I wear over and over again, and deserve to be featured on my blog.

I've been wearing lately my most repurchased perfume of all time: Chanel COCO Mademoiselle. This is a scent I always have to have in my collection. I've been wearing it on and off since I am 15. I would describe this as a floral powdery scent, with a hint of freshness. It is a very feminine, seductive, and elegant scent. I also find it to be a great all year round perfume. It is a special scent for me, that I will always love.
My most worn foundation is the Diorskin Nude Air that I just reviewed yesterday, so I leave the link here if you want to check out my opinion.
Before foundation, as my base I really like using the MUFE Step 1 Mattifying primer. I purchased this product in a 15 ml just because I wasn't sure if I would like it, but I love it and I want to get it in the bigger size and I also want to try out some other Step 1 primers aswell.
Another product that I have in my collection for years is the Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel bronzing makeup base. I forgot how much I loved this product, untill a couple of weeks ago when I started using it again every single time I did my makeup. I use it to bronze up my face, instead of a blush or a bronzer, or even a contour product. I love that it's a 3 in one product for me.
The highlighter I've been using with the Chanel bronzing base is the Kevin Aucoin Candlelight cream highlighter, from the Creamy glow duo palette. Beautiful golden champagne shade that can be applied sheer for a natural look, or it can be built up to a more glammed up effect.

To set my foundation is use the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. Oh yes this is a really good product, it makes all the difference for the longevity and smoothness of your foundation.
Lastly my most used lipstick is Patisserie from MAC. Great everyday nude shade that I really really like and recommend to everybody.

One favorite skincare product to share: Sarah Chapman Skinesis Rapid Radiance Cleanse. I use this as my morning pick-me up every other day. I have a full review of this product here.

Do you share the love for any of these products? What are your current favorites?