04 January 2016

Detoxify your skin | Start the New Year with healthy and glowy skin

My skin is going thru a rough time lately. I've been breaking out, it is dry and flaky, dehydrated, I have rosacea and it lost its firmness, plumpness and glowyness. Makeup doesn't look good on it, therefor I decided to make some serious changes.
 To help my skin, as a New Year resolution , I will try and make some changes in my diet.
I already know that I break out if I eat chocolate, eggs, honey and dairy. So I have been already avoiding these types of foods, but as I was researching what the problem could be, I realised that not just cutting out foods will make a difference, but actually incorporating some healthy ones could be the answer.

I will cut out chocolate, dairy, I will restrict myself to just one egg / week, fried foods, processed food, white bread and paistry( as much as possible).

I will incorporate healthy foods such as:
pumpkin and sweet potatoes(rich in betacarotene), spinach(lutein), broccoli, kiwi, orange ( Vitamin C) to help my blemishes heal properly, almonds, avocados ( Vitamin E) to support healthy skin growth, monosaturated fats (fish, nusts and seeds) and of course I will drink more water to hydrate my body.

I try to keep up with this plan for at least a month, so my skin has time to emerge up to the surface, and see the benefits of my dietary change.

Have you ever tried to clear up your skin by changing your diet?