15 June 2016

My Favorite Instagram Accounts| Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Fitness

Instagram is the biggest motivational social network if you ask me and for a good reason. People are posting professionally made photos of food, travel places, clothing, makeup etc.  I find myself checking my instagram feed a couple of times a day, and every time I spend at least 5 minutes scrolling and scrolling down the pictures.
Why do I like it that much? My answer is because it gets me inspired, it gets me motivated. Whether I am procastinating to work out, or I am in the mood to cook/bake something and I don't know what, or I am in a "What should I wear today?" problem, Instagram will help me out in any situation.
I would like to share my favorite instagrammers, whos images I always douple tap, and I feel like they are truly motivating me, and they worth a hype.


 I love fashion, but my personal style is quite minimalistic. I love my comfy clothes and shoes, Icould live in jeans and t-shirts most days. But whenever I change up my style is because one of these girls inspired me to step out of my comfort zone:


I get motivated by looking other girls six pack abs, because it makes me put on my sportswear and get my body moving. These girls are those girls to whom I would say " I want a body just like yours" Is there a bigger motivation than that to do sports? Get your motivation here:


I love looking at Acai bowls and cookies made to make you feel better.Vegan recipes, or a cheese packed pizza, they all make me really really hungry. I am a foodie so seeing food makes me excited. I do find myself having major cravings but oh well...My favorite recipes accounts:


My NR. one reason why I joined Instagram, and what basically my own Instagram account is mostly about is skincare and makeup. I can look at pictures of makeup any time of the day, I never get bored of it. It makes me happy and excited. Best beauty accounts with the nicest flat lays and white crisp pictures:


This category summs up all the above, but to be honest accounts that post differents kinds of pictures are my favorite, because if I follow you and I like your fashion style or makeup, I want to know about what you eat, and how are you living your daily life. Accounts I recommend checking out:

I hope you will check out some of these accounts, and I would also like to invite you to follow MY Instagram account Beautyonhighheels where I share not just makeup, but also food, workout, travel and overall lifestyle pictures.

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