17 June 2016

Weekly Friday| Apartment decorating, Chocolate chip cookie baking

Weekly Friday where I share my highlight of the week, a quote and one recommendation.

Highlight of my week: I previously mentioned around this corner that I am moving in a metter of months.I am moving to another country, which means new beginnings, new places, new people and a new home. And now I can officialy say, that after weeks, months of apartment hunting, we finally found one. Excitement levels are high, who knew house decor and furniture shopping can be that exciting? I love browsing on Pinterest for hours and hours looking for inspiration.
Quote: " Just because something isn't happening for your right now, doesn't mean that it will never happen"  I am a ferm believer that everything we dream of and plan, will become true once we are truly ready for it, body, mind and soul. But I am human, and I often loose my patience and faith in the universe, in the law of attraction. I find it difficult sometimes to mantain a positive attitude towards dreams and goals I have, but I know from experience that even if they might not happen asap, they will become true eventually, and even in a better way I have hoped for.
Recommendation: last week I made some chocolate chip cookies, and they were delicious! I made them with whole grain flour, and added some hazelnuts for an extra added nutrition. The recipe is actually from a blogger/youtuber who I follow. For the recipe check out ICovetThee 's blog.

How was your week?

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