24 June 2016

Weekly Friday|Weekend trip to Lake Garda Italy| Delicious Vegan recipe

Weekly Friday where I share my highlight of the week, an inspirational quote and one healthy and simple vegan recipe.

Highlight of my week

I am so excited because as you are reading this I am on my way to Lake Garda in Italy. I love Italy, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world in my opinion. I feel like every little corner of this country is amazing, with breathtaking views, good food, and nice atmosphere. I plan to sunbath, to shop and eat lots and lots of icecream, pizza and pasta. I hope the weather will cooperate aswell! Fingers crossed!

 " There will never be a perfect time. Just start where you are!"
I am always taking my time analizing the situation, and looking at the positive and negative side of things. I am questioning myself whether it's the right moment, am I going to be good in it, am I going to succeed? Doing this can be the actual end of something you never even started. While procastinating and analizing you could have made the first two steps, which are the hardest most of the time. There is no such thing as perfect timing to do something, just start it NOW. Don't think about it too much! You never know if you don't try it, and take the steps towards it!


I made a delicious summer salad a couple of days ago and it was so refreshing and so filling, not to mention healthy and packed with nutrition. I simply used the leftovers I had in my fridge such as carrots, chickpeas, sweet corn, avocado, and I separately cooked some quinoa, mixed it all together with salt and pepper, and for a dressing I made an olive oil and lime juice dressing to add some extra flavour. I will definitely do this salad again!

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