10 June 2016

What's on my grocery list? Shopping for healthy food

I enjoy shopping for food as much as I enjoy shopping for beauty products. I love food I admit I am a total foodie. Plus, what we eat will make us equally as pretty as makeup, but both inside and outside.
I find it really exciting to plan my meals, make a list of the ingredients I need to buy, and go grocery shopping. Is it just me? I mostly buy just for myself so the amount of food I need for a week is really not that much, I often just buy one piece/pack of everything, excluding of course the fruits that I need for every single morning.
If you are wondering what my grocery list consists of (most of the time) then continue reading.

I am a fan of sweet potatoes, I love the sweet taste of it, so I always buy a couple of pieces.Then of course brown rice, whole grain spagetti pasta and quinoa is a must. I like italian dishes so pasta is a must to have at home. I have been recently getting into making more healthy dishes, summer salads that have quinoa in them. I quite enjoy the taste of it, and the fact that is healthy just adds some extra reasons to buy it.
I always purchase fruits like bananas, they are my favorite along with pineaples, kiwis, mangoes and grapes. I love keeping fruit days when I only eat just fruits for the whole day.
My other favorite food to buy are nuts, wanuts, pecans, brazilnuts, cashews I love them all, they are a must for me, because I eat every single day some kinds of nuts. Chia seeds for breakfast, muesli, sunflower seeds for my salads, and chickpeas because I make home made hummus and falafel.*These I don't buy every single time but every other time once I manage to finish them up.*
Soymilk and soy joghurt are again a must because that is what I eat every single morning. Whole grain bread that is fully packed with seeds are also my favorites to have for sandwiches especially, and I also like them with some sort of jam. Coconut milk is something I recently got into, because  I have been making sweet potato curry once a week for sure, and for that coconut milk is a must.
Avocados are again some of my favorite things to buy, whether I make guacamole, avocado on toast or vegetable wrap, avocado is always in my food cart.
Lately I got a big pack of acai powder which I really enjoy adding to my muesli or fruit joghurt mixture. Adds a different taste to it, and a nice color, which I really like.
I also quite often make some sort of cream soup, like broccoli or mushroom, so I like to stock up on them aswell.I tend to buy more than I actually need so I can freeze down a part of it, then I have it at hand whenever I suddenly decide to make a soup.
As for spices I always use a bit of garam masala in my cooked meals, adds a bit of exotic, indian flavour to the dish.

There you have my must have list of foods that I buy almost every week, or any other week. I am a recipe repeater, if I like a certain dish I keep remaking it over and over again.I think if you want to start eating healthier, this list might give you an idea of what to buy, where to start.These are all basics I have all the time at home, I can create various dishes, there are hundresds of healthy recipes with these as their main ingredients.

What do you have in your food cart?

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