20 July 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit

The Glow Kits from Anastasia BH are from another level.I was looking initially to get the That Glow palette, but I postponed getting it for so long that the Sun Dipped palette got released and this time I didn't even think about it, I ordered it right away.
The colors are so so beautiful, just perfect. The formula is very smooth, buttery and resistant. The way it applies to the skin is just a dream, it almost melts into the skin, and it doesn't create texture on the skin, which some highlighters tend to do. It doesn't accentuate the pores, just sits perfectly on top of the skin.
I like all of the shades, there is not one I will not use, this kit will be my summer partner, one of my summer must haves for sure.


: my favorite out of the 4 shades. Purple-ish rosegold bronzy color...quite hard to describe it. Bronzed: as the name suggests shimmery bronze color. I personally would not use it as a highlighter but as a blush or bronzer topper it is gorgeous, or I even used it once as an eyeshadow.
Summer:typical yellow gold highlighter shade
Moonstone: pinkish gold, my second favorite *as far as swatches I would compare this shade to Bubbly from That Glow Glow Kit

Wayne Goss 02 Brush

Do you own any of the Glow Kits from Anastasia BH? If not, do you intend purchasing one? She just released two new Glow Kits, one is called the Sweets and the other is Moonchild. Maybe one of these will end up in your shopping cart.