08 July 2016

What I got recently | Homeware and Makeup Haul | Foreo, Anastasia Glow Kit, MAC

Whenever I try to ban myself from buying makeup or just in general "stuff" I never succeed.What can I do? I love shopping, it is sort of a therapy session for me...I can't help myself, somehow I always manage to convince myself that I do need those things and not just want them. Anyone with me?

Anastasia Beverly Hills came up with the most beautiful highlighter palettes recently in my opinion and of course I wanted to try them.

First I wanted to purchase the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in That Glow, but when the limited edition palette called Sun Dipped came out I decided to go with it instead. The colors seemed to represent me and my makeup style way more then the other one. But I will stop here because I plan to do a whole review about it.
Lip liners have their own little spot now in the makeup launches I feel like now more then ever. Different brands come out with different colors and formulas, but the one I stay true to is MAC. I wanted something that is my lips but better color, basically a nude. So I purchased the lip liner in the shade Boldy Bare. Just perfect is all I got to say about it!
I had my eyes on the Foreo for while now, and an offer popped up when I least expected it. I was on a trip to Verona and casually walked inside Douglas just to see what is different in the store to the one I have in my city.They had an offer where you could get the Foreo Luna Mini for just 85€ instead of 120€ . What an offer!! And I got in in my favorite color teal. I had to get it right?

I got some exciting homeware aswell, all of them from the H&M Sale that is currently happening. I got  a black wooden tray, a new set of bedsheets, a new set of pijamas and also a black and white carpet that I think is really cool and totally my style.

What did you get lately? Have you ever succeeded to ban yourself from buying stuff?