15 July 2016

Skincare Week| Foreo Luna Mini Review and Comparison with Clarisonic

As my last post of Skincare Week I will review my new face cleansing device the Fore Luna Mini that I purchased about two weeks ago.I will also include a mini comparison with the Clarisonic Mia, because it is interesing to know the pros and cons regarding these two devices.

I have the original Luna Mini, that has two speeds and it is suitable for all skintypes. I have oily skin in the summer, normal in the spring and fall period, but really dry and flaky in winter. So the fact that this is for all skin types is perfect for me.
The mini version fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, it has the shape of the Moon, therefore the name Luna which means Moon.

I really like the fact that as far as maintainance goes, with one full charge this can be used up to 350 times, and is really easy to wash. It is small so it is really easy to fit in your makeup bag when traveling.Once you got used to using a device like this, you can't imagine not using one when cleaning you face so you will want to take it with you when traveling. At least I do.
As far as how good it cleans the face, I would say that its way gentle than the Clarisonic.With the Clarisonic I could feel my face is super clean, almost too clean, with the Foreo I feel my skin is clean but in a gentle way.This is a personal preference, what type of "clean" feeling are you looking for.
After using the Clarisonic for ages, almost every single day (especially if I wore makeup then it was a rule that I have to use the Clarisonic) I didn't feel any improvement in my skin after switching to the Foreo. The texture of my skin is pretty much the same, smooth and even, gently exfoliated.
If you ask me which device I recommend, I would say if you have the Clarisonic, and you are happy with it, and you don't feel any curiosity to try out the Foreo then stick with the Clarisonic.If you feel like having a Clarisonic is expensive to maintain because you need to change the brush head every 3-4months, and charging it for 24 hours is a pain, then the answer is easy: get the Foreo because there are no ther expenses involved later on. The silicone head is easy to wash and maintain, no need to change it, also the fact that it needs just one charge makes it really comfortable to take care.

The cleanser I use with both the Foreo and Clarisonic is the Bioderma Sebium Purifying Foaming Cleansing Gel which is for oily acne prone skin.I find this to be the best cleanser to use and it works really well with both of these devices.

I wanted to review the Foreo by telling you about my own personal experience. Including technical details makes no sense because there are tons of comparison reviews regarding that.

I hope you find this review /small comparison helpful. I love my Foreo, but I still love my Clarisonic aswell. I was curious about it, and I wanted to change my Clarisonic anyways, so I am overall glad I purchased it.

After talking you though my whole skincare routine and favorite products here is a picture of my bare skin, makeup free.I am happy with it at the moment, it is its best condition considering I have struggled with it quite a lot.

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