23 July 2016

The most versatile lip pencil: Boldly Bare by MAC

If you would see my makeup wishlist it is basically full of lip pencils and highlighting products. From Charlotte Tilbury to Huda Beauty lip pencils, and some more MAC, I want them all.
Gradually I will purchase them for sure, but I can't really justify getting 5 lip pencil in the same color range, nude or pink-y nude all at once.

The one I got recently, and finally ticked it out from my list is Boldly Bare by MAC. It was actually on the top of my list, because it seemed the more versatile out of the other ones. A basic color, but such a gorgeous nude, that will go with a pink, nude or even a slightly darker lip color.
This is the pencil shade you don't have to think about what lipstick will match it, it can be paired with everything.
The texture is creamy, thanks to that it applies so easily, no need to go over twice on it. I love how it corrects the little unevenness of my lips, without being noticeable that I over lined it.
I think this is the lip pencil color everybody should own.

What is your favorite lip pencil formula and which brand makes the best lip pencils?