11 July 2016

Skincare Week Announcement

I have been planning to review my skincare products for quite a while now, and since I have to review almost all of them I figured the best idea is to write about the different product catogories every day, and then just call it Skincare Week. Instead of making a huge blogpost about all the products I use curently I rather divide them into smaller posts where I can properly talk about each type of product.
Before I start posting about products it makes sense to give you some details about my skin: I have oily, acne prone, sensitive skin that is sometimes dehydrated with dry patches. What a combination, I am really struggling sometimes with it! My favorite skin care products are usually oils, masks and cleansers. I like them to be hydrating, plumping and brightening.

I will write 5 blogposts in total, this being the first.
Second post, that will go up tomorrow will be about my current cleansers, my thoughts and a short review of the products.
On Wednesday I will write about my daytime/nightime skincare routine
Thurstdays post will be about my favorite face mask, face treatment and face mist.
Finally on Friday I will talk about my new face cleansing device the Foreo Luna Mini, and of course the face cleanser I use with it.

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