25 May 2016

Budget Buy: BeautyBay Lip&Eye Primer

Not that long ago BeautyBay came out with their own brand of beauty products called Beauty Bay Collection. I was never curious to try them out, but as a gift with purchase I received their Lip&Eye Primer.
Just as most of the primers, this has a silicone texture, with a slight creamy yellow shade, but once it is applied and blended in it has a totally transparent finish, that doesn't parcticularly cancel out the red, blue vein colors on the lids.

In therms of it's efficiency, for the price it performs quite good. I had no high hopes for it, but I must say it does the job, allthough my love for it is nowhere near to my favorite primer which is the Too Faced Shadow Insurrance. I admit I have oily lids, so I really need the help of a good eyeshadow primer. If you have normal eyelids, and you want to use  a primer just for an extra step to make the eyeshadows more vibrant than this product will do the job.

I hope you find my short review helpful. Have you tried anything from the BeautyBay product range?

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