20 May 2016

Weekly Friday | Meeting an old friend, Quick Detox Day

Weekly Friday, where I share my highlight of the week, an inspirational quote and one lifestyle recommendation.

Highlight of my week: was meeting up with an old friend, actually school collegue of mine. I haven't seen her in ages, so it made me really happy to see her again, and catch up on each others lives.
Quote: I cant't believe I didn't share yet my most used quote of all times : "Everything happens for a reason" This saying is so so true. Whether we wanted a new job, a new home, a vacation or even a relationship, and it didn't become true, you can be sure it is only because something better is out there for us.  We might not see the real reason at the time, but sooner or later it will all become clear to us why everything happened the way it did. Just have faith and be patient.
Recommendation: Whenever I feel I need to reboot or pause my body and stomach and give it a day of relaxation and detox, I try to eat just fruits for a whole day. All kinds of fruits like bananas, mangos, kiwis, strawberries, whatever you like and fancy eating. I make big bowls of fruit salads, or smoothies, and I eat every 2-3 hours, making sure I am not hungry and I don't lack of energy. Because fruits  digest really fast, and don't provide energy for a long period of time, I also really enjoy eating all kinds of nuts, or dried figs or dates, and I find they give me lots of energy, and they keep me full and satisfied for longer.

How do you like to detox your body?

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